Reading rite

This post is in the series Rite Reading.

On sabbatical earlier this year I was trying to write the first draft of what I hoped might be a simple introduction to the bible for those who have to read from it in public worship. As I worked, I came to realise that it would be too long to be the sort of book which might be attractive to the kind of audience I had in mind.

I put it away for a few months, but thought after I’d let the first draft setle a bit, perhaps the second draft might be a (long) series of blogs. This autumn it feels right to resurrect the idea, and so partly as the vehicle for this series, and partly for other posts on worship, prayer and liturgy, I am launching this site.

Everything in this series will be tagged “rite reading” and there will be a cumulative index page, Rite Reading, where you can jump to any published post in the series.

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