Rite Reading

This page is an index page to a series of blogs intended primarily to support those who read the Scriptures to others in public worship. The material will appear in three sections.

  • Hardware: reflections on and illustrations of the ways in which oral performance and public reading helped make the Bible the kind of book (or technically collection of books) that it is.
  • Firmware: exploring how the pattern for reading common to the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist and many other churches round the world works, and how to understand and use this pattern.
  • Software: brief explanation and interpretation of each book of the Bible, usually one book per blog post.

I should add that I write as one reader sharing my understanding with other readers. There are whole swathes of territory I cover, particularly in the Old Testament, where I lay no claim to any special expertise. If you want a scholarly expert guide, you need to look elsewhere.

Comment Policy

These pages have a different comment policy to the rest of the blog. I will only allow comments to stand here if I judge them generally helpful for the intended primary audience. Those who want to dispute more vociferously can comment via Twitter or Facebook.



Hardware – how reading shaped the bible

Firmware – the practice of reading

Software: the books we read

Old Testament

The Law
The historical books
The poetic and wisdom books
The prophets

New Testament

The Gospels and Acts
Paul’s Letters
The other letters and Revelation