Genesis: let’s start at the very beginning

This post is in the series Rite Reading.

The bible and Maria von Trapp share the same approach to learning: they start at the very beginning. Getting the do-re-mi of the scale right was essential to appreciating the sound of music; understanding the world as God’s good creation is the foundation for hearing the song of the universe.

The pillars of creation – a detail from M16, the Eagle Nebula © NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage
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Creation is not a season

I thought I’d got away without it, but this week I got handed a service order to use labelled “Creation Season”. So, in a break from the ongoing series, allow me rant a little.

I’m well aware that the Season of Creation has some pretty powerful voices behind it, not least that of Pope Francis, but …

I have no problem with dedicating some weeks around harvest as days or weeks of prayer and thanks for creation, I think that’s worth doing.

Eurasian Roller, Mikumi National Park, Tanzania
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